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Ode to Iris

There are countless reasons why we here at the Brooklyn Gal adore the European e-commerce site YOOX. For starters, the merchandise mix is unlike that of any other online store, ranging from cult Japanese labels to luxe, ever-unobtainable Italian goods with stratospheric prices. The sweet spot, of course, is the staggering selection of discounted goods, particularly the footwear from boldface and little-known labels, most of which hail from fashion lands abroad. (We have been known to troll the site on many a night in hot pursuit of that killer pair of top-quality, infinitely stylish, well-priced boots sure to work with every item of clothing in our closets. Should such a miracle occur, you may be the first to know…)

But, we digress. The new reason why we love this site is its current editorial and e-commerce homage to interior designer and self-professed clotheshorse Iris Apfel, aptly titled called An Iris Lovefest. Fashionistas have put this wealthy, wildly attired octogenarian on a pedestal for years, and no wonder: all hail the expressive, snowy-haired New Yorker as a style icon unlike any other, a glamorously-garbed wisp renowned for her super-sized specs, more-is-more fashion philosophy and irrepressible joie de vivre. Whatever it is that Iris is drinking, we want a sip; her eye for color and willingness to experiment not only keeps her forever young, it gives rise to creative inspiration for women of all ages.

And so, YOOX gives Iris her due in its New YOOXER magazine, with a photo tribute by Bruce Weber and bon mots from a select group of designers, filmmakers, bloggers and fashion personalities attesting to her fabulous flair and influence. There’s a commercial component, too, of course: an irreverent mélange of merch ready to purchase, ranging from Iris’s own wardrobe selections to items that celebrate her singular vision, including colorful, zany jewelry and imited-edition keepers made with rare and vintage materials.

The YOOX sale may be short-lived, but there is no doubt in our minds that Iris Apfel’s spirit will live on for generations to come.