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Jean Harlow in Dinner at Eight

Jean Harlow in Dinner at Eight


It’s been a while since the last issue of Vintage graced the stands of indie bookstores and museum shops, but now, at long last, the wait is over. Yes, the quatrième issue of Vintage Magazine is finally available, in all of its gorgeous, gutsy glory.

For the uninitiated, Vintage is the brainchild of Ivy Baer Sherman, a visionary editrix who strives to capture the spirit of Fleur Cowles’ groundbreaking Flair (published 1950-51) with her own revolutionary print (yes, paper!) publication. Sherman has most certainly achieved that goal, creating a vividly vibrant, magical magazine that salutes the past while embracing contemporary times, covering everything from food and fashion to travel and culture under the umbrella of one cohesive theme. What sets Vintage even further apart from the magazine pack: graphics, photographs, illustrations, typography and tactile effects that truly elevate the reading experience to another dimension.

The fourth issue spotlights design and architecture and once again Sherman has honed her multi-faceted theme with an artist’s eye. Read Chip Kidd’s homage to vintage linoleum, experience a pop-up tour of design team Robert and Cortney Novogratz’s own home or enter the world of influential interior designer Elsie de Wolfe, courtesy of curator Barbara Lippert. You may even read a story contributed by none other than, ahem, the Brooklyn Gal. (Yup, looks like we are a bit guilty of self-promotion, but believe us, this is definitely an issue suitable for framing.)

For more info on the quatrième issue go to Vintage Magazine.