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Brooklyn Gal is Back

Kick up your heels! The Brooklyn Gal is back in town!

Okay, it’s been a dog’s age since the Brooklyn Gal last posted. We could blame it on corporate ennui. We could say that we’ve been hard at work on our novel, a blockbuster sure to sell like hotcakes. We could come up a zillion reasons why we’ve been so darned distracted, but really, who cares? The Brooklyn Gal is back, so stay tuned!


Closet Conundrum

Ode to Iris, who wears anything and everything, sometimes all at once!

We all know how bad fast fashion is for the environment. We here at the Brooklyn Gal rarely give in to those feel-good urges and when we do, we can’t help but mentally flog ourselves for being so darned weak. No landfill wardrobe for us, thank you very much!

But what about those other indulgences, those high-priced items that we’ve “invested” in, certain, without a shred of doubt, that we’ll get our money’s worth thanks to a lifetime of wear? We’ve convinced ourselves that spending too many greens is a sure-fire guarantee that we’ll love it until the end of eternity. How could it be otherwise?

But what happens when a forever piece loses its charm or, heaven forbid, falls apart? The reasonable person would cart it off to a fabulous secondhand home like Consignment on Atlantic Avenue or sell it to a likeminded fashion fan on eBay. A logical solution, for sure, but we here at the Brooklyn Gal are not inclined to let go of our prized possessions so easily. After all, how many times have we regretted giving away that amazing wool dress, the one with the gold and turquoise accents, or those vintage plaid pants that fit us like a glove?

And so we pack those investment babies away and bury them deep in our closet. Perhaps one day we’ll gaze upon them with fresh eyes and voila! our beloved garments will enjoy a second or third life.

Unless, of course, the moths get there first!