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Bye Bye Bird-ie

Local boutique closes shop

With the world turned upside down right now, retail is obviously having a tough time, especially the indie boutiques where we here at the Brooklyn Gal draw much of our style inspiration.

The other day, while out taking a mental health walk, we noticed that the Park Slope branch of longtime trendsetter Bird was all papered up, with a lovely good-bye note plastered on the window. Luckily, this offshoot is the only casualty; Bird’s other shops in Cobble Hill, Fort Greene and Williamsburg are poised to reopen (at least to our knowledge) post-Corona, while the online store is still humming along.

In some ways, it’s the end of an era. But isn’t everything these days?

We must admit that Bird’s closing makes us a bit nostalgic. Many years ago, when its first branch opened in its former location, on Seventh Avenue, in the South Slope, Bird was truly a revelation. At last, a Brooklyn boutique stocked with indie designers, cool clothes that you weren’t likely to see anywhere, especially department stores. The vibe was friendly yet hip, the staff super helpful. And the selection made our hearts go pitter-pat—this, we realized, was what fashion dreams were made of. Even then, the prices were aspirational, meaning that we lusted more than purchased, but never mind: Bird, way back when, raised the style bar, especially for the neighborhood.

Lately, we’ve looked to Bird for that fashion shot in the arm, but it hasn’t totally delivered. While the selection doesn’t always wow, with many of the items too boxy (looking at you, Black Crane), pricey or just not us, we still remain loyal to this Brooklyn outfit. After all, one of these days, when the Brooklyn Gal can actually walk through the doors, we know that we’ll be swept off our feet by some must-have dress or jumpsuit from Alex Mill, Ganni, Mara Hoffman, Rachel Comey, or some amazing new designer we’ve never, ever heard of.

It’s in the cards, just like spring.


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