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Princess Margaret and Your Horoscope

The stars didn’t always align for HRH the Princess Margaret

If not for Princess Margaret, you might have no daily horoscope to refer to, no sign to consult, no astrological love match to ponder, no traits to attest to, no affinity with the stars whatsoever. What, then, did the temperamental younger sister of Queen Elizabeth have to do with your star sign? We here at the Brooklyn Gal are here to tell you.

According to Craig Brown‘s 2018 biography, Ninety-Nine Glimpses of Princess Margaret, it was John Gordon, the editor of the UK newspaper, the Sunday Express, who hit on the notion. Gordon requested that a famous astrologer and occult figure named Cheiro make predictions about the life that lay ahead for the princess, born on August 21, 1930. With Cheiro unavailable, his assistant, R.H. Naylor, rose to the occasion, predicting that Her Royal Highness would lead “an eventful life.” (How’s that for an understatement?) A later forecast, about an endangered British aircraft, proved to be true, and Naylor’s reputation as a prognosticator was sealed.

Gordon, ever the visionary, then asked Naylor to write a weekly column for all Sunday Express readers, royal and otherwise, based on their birthdays. The astrologer wasn’t about to come up with 365 forecasts; instead, he decided to divide the sun’s 360-degree transit into twelve zones, each covering thirty degrees. How then to name them? Naylor looked to the celestial constellations for inspiration and eureka! came up with predictions for each of the twelve birth signs. Lo and behold, the modern horoscope and the first sun sign astrologer came into existence!

If not for the noble Leo, Princess Margaret, who shared her zodiac sign with the likes of Count Basie, King William IV and Kenny Rogers, among zillions of others, there might not be a Virgo, Gemini, so on and so forth, among us.


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