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Kiss that Wish List Goodbye

Give it up for this fluid crepe midi skirt from Ganni.

Every season, we here at the Brooklyn Gal curate wish lists comprised of our favorite new fashions. It’s our way of keeping tabs on all of the standout pieces that take our breath away. True, we’ll never own most of these treasured items, nevertheless, we continue to browse YOOX and Net-a-Porter and Italist, among other online shopping destinations, shaping and honing our lists as winter turns to spring, and spring to summer. And sometimes we actually buy one of those coveted items, more often than not wearing it for an eternity!

Given the current pandemic, our wish list habit has almost come to a screeching halt. Sure. we continue to browse, but earmarking those must-haves for wish lists? Well, it seems a bit pointless. Yes, strange as it may sound, we can live without those to-die-for pieces. After all, where would we wear, say, our new jumpsuit or our summer-perfect poplin sundress? To the park, for our daily stroll? To the grocery store, where we swoop in and out as fast as we can, hoping to avoid anyone and everyone? Sigh.

It may sound petty and frivolous, but we long for a world where we can not only build our wish lists, but actually click and purchase, if so desired. Even that familiar act has become fraught given the closures of warehouses and nonessential businesses. Oh, and the guilt (how could we treat ourselves now?)

One day soon, this will be but a bad dream. We’ll go online, peruse our wish lists, find that perfect outfit, and actually wear it out to dinner, preferably to one of our treasured restaurants, say, Via Carota or Rucola.

But that day is still far off in the future. So for the duration, we’ll slip into our jeans and our workout clothes, lace up our well-worn sneakers, and get on with it.


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