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All that Dance

It’s hard to say when it started and when it may end (if ever). Yes, for quite some time now, we here at the Brooklyn Gal have been obsessed with dance movies of all stripes. Samba, hip-hop, ballet, modern, jazz — it makes no difference to us who’s taking the stage and how they move. If the subject is dance, we’re all over it, especially when we can watch our beloved movies at home, on demand, when no one else is around to guffaw or pass judgment.

Guilty pleasure? Sometimes, as in the other night’s cheeseball selection called Dance With Me, starring a gorgeous Vanessa Williams, a hunk with heart named Chayanne and Kris Kristofferson, crusty and taciturn, as per usual. But other times, well, we feel just a tinge of guilt and all of the pleasure as we watch gorgeous cast members practice their sassy, sweaty dance routines all the while falling in love. Case in point: Step Up 3.

Perhaps we can attribute this rock-solid fascination to our years of modern dance lessons  — it’s fun to watch and dream knowing that we will never, ever be more than an absolute beginner.  And we know that the plots rarely vary:  mover and shaker arrives in new town or decides to follow his/her dream, beats the odds and finds a way to compete, invariably winning the prize (be it money or respect of friend/parent/rival or all of the above) and the love of that special guy or girl. And most important of all, our dance star learns a Life Lesson, too, with a capital ‘L.’

So, there, we said it. We’ve come clean. We get a kick out of dance flicks (and we’re not talking Dancing with the Stars). Pardon us while we practice our pliés.