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  1. Nancy Lynam says:

    I read your article on Wilmington, Vt. I wondered if you have gone back since hurricane “Irene” devastated much of the town?!?!? While I live in NYS, my son lives in Wilmington. His wedding in July of 2007 was celebrated at Memorial Hall…a first for celebrations of that type. We stayed next door at Craft’s Inn. About 140 guests took advantage of the B&B’s and enjoyed the many businesses in Wilmington….Dot’s being a favorite. Dot’s has sustained a tremendous amount of damage. It was a wonderful and long wedding weekend. It breaks my heart to see the devastation that has occurred, but the resilience of the people is incredibly uplifting. As I have solicited donations to help with the recovery of this beloved town, I expect to go either next week or the following to drop off these ‘gifts of hope”. I’d love to read some follow up articles once you have had a chance to survey the damage. Thanks for your wonderful words on such a special town!

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